It is with regret we have had to postpone New Year’s Eve Comedy Night

The Committee and the Social club currently in charge of The VENUE the H.G. Wells Centre Bromley
have now withdrawn the use of the Venue...
[NB this is not the Labour Club – the Social club in the HG Wells centre are nothing to do with the Labour Party]

The agreement to hire HG Wells Venue was made with Bob Gray (Social Club Committee member) and the assistant bar Steward. I made it clear to them I wouldn’t feel confident to go ahead with the booking without the endorsement of the their committee as I know they might veto any decision. And that I needed to know within a week or I would look elsewhere... As a meeting wasn’t for another 3 weeks they would contact the committee ASAP I was then contacted by Robert Gray to say the committee Agreed and they fully endorsed the show going ahead.. Assistant Steward Daniel Robinson contacted me we confirmed over the phone it was a definite booking and that
I could get on with promoting it and not to worry about a thing. I agreed to the terms and asked for online bank payment details.

After some delay (while I was getting ads out and producing banners etc) Robert Gray contacted me and said he’d had problems with his emails
he said they wouldn’t give bank details and asked me to come into the centre to pay the booking fee.

At this time, bar steward, dickhead and licensee George Pankhurst, was on holiday for a month in Cyprus
On his return, when I went in to pay cash, he said they (Bob Gray and the assistant and others) should never have let it out in the first place...

“Not at F*cking £150 quid they shouldn’t” and made it clear it wasn’t enough money.
He also said if I was even going to think about hiring it they the club would have to hire bouncers on the door
one male and one female and theyd charge me about £500 quid and have any equipment ‘Pat tested’
He said the assistant bar steward was nothing to do with it at all he had no authority. He also hsowed me the form to be filled mauanlly and said no booking has been made until the form was filled.
I said I didn’t think we needed bouncers but anyway I’d fill the form pay the fees required and look into this with the Council.

He wasn’t prepared to take the money from me for the hire which I offered and he stated he wanted nothing to do with it
He said he’d never agreed to it and as far as he was concerned it was a members night
And added if the committee was going to let it out they’d have to find another bar steward (and! he was the only Licensee)
The Secretary who was there also Stated that although he’d agreed to it he’d had his arm twisted up his back.
He asked could I guarantee £1000.00 bar spend on the night? I said it was likely.
He said could I guarantee it absolutely? I said depends how many and how much people spend but that I couldn’t absolutely guarantee it.
Intimating that if I could guarantee a grand's worth of bar spend theyd re-consider

He said “we don’t know you from Adam, you could be anybody” (Not that it matters who I am) I stated from the outset that we had been organising comedy shows in the Churchill theatre for many years and showed him the Bromley Comedy printed flyer to back this up he took it and screwed it up.

They then stated this was going forward to another committee meeting. At this meeting they withdrew their permission to use the hall. I am looking into legal redress as I have committed funds to organising and promoting the show.

I am looking into legal re-dress but it’s probably not worth it.. I don't know? If you are a lawyer please get in touch for advice.

My apologies again...

This Social Club deserve to go down the pan which i believe they are sending themselves anyway
But if you can help with this I would be glad

Hopefully we’ll see you in the New Year with the amazing Pat Monahan 11th Jan in the Churchill Studio


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don't forget Our Regular show returns

2014 January 11th with Pat off ITV's SHOW ME THE FUNNY


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